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We do other things besides dig...!

Week #2..  at Sedgeford began with a glorious heatwave that lasted throughout the first week with temperatures nearing 30 degrees.

The team, week 2

As well as making great progress with the excavation of Malthouse One up in Trench 23, SHARP volunteers and trainees have also enjoyed some lectures followed by a Q & A and of course a trip to the William IV pub!  Topics included Roman roads, Medieval crime and punishment and a fascinating talk about church graffiti.  There are hundreds of examples in churches up and down the UK which include epigraphic and pictorial graffiti.  Images such as demons, protective symbols and stone masons’ marks recur proving that ‘tagging’ is not purely a modern activity.

Graffiti in St Mary's Church, Sedgeford

There are plenty of historical places of interest near Sedgeford including Kings Lynn, a seaport and market town which has some fine medieval architecture and 3 museums.  The old Gaol house is definitely worth a visit with its sobering collection of punishment devices such as the gibbet.

Gibbet in Stories of Lynn Museum

Trinity Guildhall, King's Lynn

Lynn Minster (formerly known as St Margaret's Church)

Hampton Court, Kings Lynn

Hanseatic Warehouse, Kings Lynn

These locations help to place Sedgeford into a wider context allowing further understanding of past lives.

During such hot weather it’s great to be near some wonderful beaches such as Hunstanton and Snettisham especially after a hard day’s digging.

Hunstanton Beach at sundown

And at the end of another long day, we get to rest.

For more details of events throughout our season, including our Open Day on Sunday 29th July, please click here.


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