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After reading about our excavation opportunities and courses you may still have one or two questions. Hopefully you can find an answer below from this list of the most frequent questions we get asked about coming to SHARP. If you are unable to find an answer from the selection below, drop us an email at

What are the facilities like on site?

The project site is based in Boneyard Field and the vast majority of people who work with us camp onsite (in fact you will actually be camping on the unexcavated part of the Anglo-Saxon cemetery itself). We have a range of quality facilities to make your stay in the field as accommodating as we can, including: male and female showers, unisex toilet block with individual cubicles, and our own kitchen unit. You can find out more of these in The Experience section.

If I want to camp on site, do I need to bring a tent?

We would prefer if people did, as we don’t have the resources to hire out tents to everyone during the season. When it comes to choosing a tent to bring, please consider that the camping field is not huge, but also please be wary of bringing a flimsy 1 person festival tent (that might leak if we get rain), a 2 person tent will usually suffice for most people, or a small 3 person tent. However if you are struggling to purchase a tent please do get in touch with as we may have some we can lend out.


Are there any alternatives to camping on site?

Camping is not for everyone and we do have people who work with the project who stay in one of several nearby B&Bs, guesthouses, or hotels. We do not have space to take caravans on site but we are able to take a limited number of small motorhomes/camper vans. Please email for a list of local accommodation or to check space availability for motorhomes/camper vans.  


I don’t have any archaeological experience - can I still come?

You don't need any archaeological experience to come to SHARP, but those without prior experience will need to take our Basic Excavation and Recording Techniques (BERT) course before coming as an excavation volunteer. You can find more information on what archaeological experience is required to come and dig with us by on the Excavation Opportunities section. However, our ‘Dig for the Day’ taster sessions are the exception to this as those taking part have a dedicated supervisor who will support them during the day. Non-excavation volunteers are also welcome to help in some of our other areas such as finds or environmental processing and for this no prior training is required.


Can I get a phone signal while I am there?

Mobile phone reception has improved considerably over recent years and text and data is pretty good over most networks  


Are there any shops nearby?

Whilst there a no shops in the village of Sedgeford itself, there are a number of supermarkets and other shops about 10 minutes drive away.


How do I find your excavation site?

There is a location map in the Contact section.


Can I get to the site by public transport?

Yes. You can get to the site by public transport. The nearest rail and bus station is at King’s Lynn (King’s Lynn is about 15 miles from Sedgeford). There is a regular bus service from King’s Lynn to the nearby village of Heacham. If you are traveling by public transport we can arrange to collect you from the nearby village of Heacham. Make sure that you include this request when sending in your booking form.  

What do I need to bring with me?

Please click here to view what you need to bring


Do I need any specific medical inoculations?  

We ask that anyone who will be digging with us has an up-to-date tetanus inoculation before arrival on site.


Is there any age restriction to dig on the project or take one of the courses?  

There is no upper age limit but you have to be at least 16 years old to either dig or take one of our courses. If you are under 16 we would recommend you ask a guardian to book one of our dig for the day courses, but you would need to be accompanied by an adult.


Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

Yes. In addition to offering vegetarian/vegan options for all of our meals, we can also cater for specific dietary requirements. Please include details when you complete your booking form.


What time do I need to arrive on site?

If you are camping on site we ask you to arrive by 6.00 pm on the Saturday to get yourself set up, as we have an induction tour at 7.00 pm which is followed by a BBQ. As Saturday is our changeover on site, with people from the previous week leaving, we also ask you not to arrive earlier than 3.00 pm.


I just want to come along and visit the site. Is there a charge?

Our site is open to the general public throughout our excavation season from 10:00am to 16:00pm on Sundays through to Friday. The only day our site isn’t open is Saturday. There is no entry charge but donations are always welcome!


I live locally - can I come to the site each day?

Yes. It’s not a problem to come on a daily basis. Drop an email to for more details for what is involved and how much this costs.  


If I take the BERT course will I be able to dig on any archaeological excavation as a volunteer in the future?  

The broad range of skills, techniques and practical excavation experience covered by the BERT course is usually recognised by other archaeological excavations. However, if you have just the one week of the course under your belt, you may find that some projects may ask for a little bit more practical digging experience. We always suggest that wherever possible it is best to book a week’s excavation to follow on from your BERT course. 


I would like to do the BERT course but have problems with lifting - Can I still come along?

We try to be as accommodating as possible and if you are unable to undertake the practical excavation modules then we can offer other areas such as finds or environmental processing instead.  


Do you allow people with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Asperger's and Dyspraxia to participate?

We endeavour to make the project as inclusive as possible and as long as you make us aware of your condition on your booking form we can usually accommodate you. If you are unsure about the support on offer, or there are any particular circumstances or ways in which we can help, please contact to let us know as soon as possible.   

I am coming for a one-week course, what time does it finish?

Our working day finishes at 5:00 pm and you are free to leave straight after this, or you can stay for the Friday night and leave on Saturday morning.  


Can I buy some of the excavation equipment I need when I am on site?

Yes. You can buy such things as - trowels, tapes measures, plumb bobs, Sharpies etc – all are available in our Information Hut. It is also possible to borrow some of these items, email for further details. 


Is it possible to spread payment or do you need it all at once?  

We try our hardest to keep rates as accessible as possible. Payments via the website must be made in one lump sum, but we also allow people to pay a deposit, and potentially split payments into smaller lump sums via bank transfers. We prefer for full payment to have been made by April. Please contact to arrange. SHARP does offer an annual bursary to assist with the cost of two places on the excavation or one of our courses. Visit the John Hensby Bursary Fund for more information. 

Can I get any assistance with the courses or excavation?

As mentioned above, SHARP offers an annual bursary to assist with the costs of two places on the excavation or one of our courses. Email for further details. 

Are there any concession rates?

Unfortunately no, this is because we have already budgeted the rate to be the lowest we can afford. If this is still not affordable please apply for one of our John Hensby bursaries, as we may be able to help by providing either a free or a reduced rate.


Can I get certificate of Proof of Attendance for my university fieldwork?  

Yes. We can provide confirmation of all aspects of the fieldwork that you undertake while working with us.  


Would it be OK to use the course as my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award residential?  Yes. We have many students take our Basic Excavation and Research Techniques (BERT) course as part of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and we can provide confirmation of your attendance as part of your residential requirement.  

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