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The John Hensby Memorial Bursary 

We try our hardest to keep our rates as accessible as possible but with rising costs we have to charge our volunteers. To help those in need and provide those from all backgrounds to attend SHARP. We offer an annual bursary to fund two subsidised places on the excavation. 


The John Hensby Memorial Bursary was established in 2012. John, also known as ‘Miner John’ to many of his friends, was a former coal miner from Lancashire, and like many he trained up through the BERT course before coming a member of the supervision team. John is warmly remembered for his commitment to education and his wish to make archaeology accessible to everyone, and therefore this Bursary was created to fulfil this aim.


The John Hensby Bursary subsidises two places (roughly £200 each), or one full place, annually for people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to excavate for financial reasons. If you wish to apply for the bursary this year, please fill in the following application form here and email it to before the 30th March. All applications will be carefully considered and successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible. We can accept enquiries for bursaries after this time but cannot guarantee what financial help we will be able to provide after this stage.


Each year funds raised during the season go back into the bursary fund, but as the capital is too small to create enough interest to support the bursaries we give, eventually this bursary fund will run out. The fund will therefore only last as long as we receive donations, so any such donations are always welcome.

You can read more about John and the origin of the bursary here.

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