Your handy guide to SHARP Season 23

We love our new website, but thought you might like to see a quick summary of what's on the SHARP menu for 2018. Read on and bookmark this post to use when you're making your plans for the next summer (recommended by 9.5 out of 10 archaeologists as the most effective way to stay warm over winter... ok, we made that up).

Or just book now! Prices will go up for the first time in three years on 1 January (i.e. quite a big jump) so get in now for the financial reward and smug feeling that comes with getting your life organised nice n' early...

Opening the 2017 season 'Day 1, Week 1, Season 22'

2018 SHARP Summer Season 23 - Diary Dates


Monday 26 March to Thursday 29 March 2018

Set-up week (supervisory team members only)

Monday 25 June to Thursday 28 June 2018

Induction Day (supervisory team members only)

Friday 29 June 2018

Deborah at leisure on a sunny Saturday

Week 1 - Sunday 1 July to Friday 6 July 2018

Excavation volunteers - £195 full, £160 concession, £90 off-site

Excavation volunteers are welcome every week and will have the opportunity to get involved in a range of SHARP's activities including excavating, managing finds, assisting with research, working with human remains or anything else that needs a helping hand. If you like a pick n' mix archaeology experience, this one's for you.

Further information and book here

BERT course - £360 full, £290 concession, £240 off-site

BERT is our Basic Excavation and Recording Techniques course, a must for every new arrival at SHARP, unless you've done a course or three weeks somewhere else. It's a full-on week of learning, gaining new skills and making new friends and you'll leave with a BAJR passport so you can show off your new knowledge wherever you go.

Further information and book here

Please don't walk in the tren-ch...

Week 2 - Sunday 8 July to Friday 13 July 2018