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Week 4 Blog

Olivia rocking the Anglo-Saxon look at our annual Festival of Archaeology


On Trench 23, the clean up of Malt House 3 came to a close, with photos taken of a daub spread next to the kiln, seemingly on top of a clay surface. The plan for the coming week is to plan and record so that it can be lifted next year. Elsewhere, the possible Malt House 4 is slowly being revealed, though at this stage it mostly consists of a daub ring. Some of the postholes associated with Malt House 2 appear to have been found.

There were also a number of mice made during a session off, after the apparent discovery by Neil of an Anglo-Saxon mouse. Most have been found, though there are still some remaining to be discovered next season.

Mice made to be planted around Trench 23.

Over on Trench 25, trays full of pot, bone and shell have been coming back to finds, with the main excitement being some parts of pot even fitting together. It would appear that large ceramic vessels were in use, possibly for storage or trade along the probable canal system.

Two pieces of pottery from Trench 25, from a c.24cm diameter pot.

Tuesday Lecture

The focus this week was on the project carried out by the Human Remains team, who have just spent the past two weeks working on the disarticulated bones found during the original excavations of Boneyard field. Thanks to the Heritage Lottery fund, they were able to carry out a training course to enable more volunteers to become involved with the rearticulation of those bones that were not clearly linked with the rest of their skeleton.

Next week, we have Gary Rossin talking about his work on the WW1 airfields in Norfolk.

Festival of Archaeology

Some 'old friends' attended our Festival of Archaeology

This year's festival proved to be a massive hit, with over 200 visitors on site coming to take part in mock battles against a Viking and a Roman, as well as taking apart historic “poo”. On the more adult side of things (not that getting Celtic swirls painted on your face was just for kids), tours of the site and Trench 23 were widely appreciated, with Neil, John and Gary all taking large numbers of people through Sedgeford’s history.

The foe is vanquished in The Mock Battle of Sedgeford

Brewing Anglo-Saxon style


Monday evening saw the return of the Sedgeford team to defend the John Hensby trophy, after our historic victory last year. Sadly, this year it was not to be, despite giving a valiant effort with 107 runs that took the Snettisham side 11 overs to catch up to.

The annual SHARP-Snettisham cricket match

Beach Trip

On Thursday, temperatures soared to 36 degrees C in the tent on Trench 23, forcing a stop to excavation. Instead, a party made their way to Hunstanton to enjoy the beach and Sea Life Centre, in an attempt to escape the heat. Since that was unavoidable, ice creams and cold drinks were instead sought after.

John Preston Tribute Band

The John Preston Tribute Band - back by popular demand!

Friday’s entertainment was the return of the John Preston Tribute Band, once more playing to SHARP on Boneyard Field as part of our series of Friday night entertainments. With the return of Steve Tyrell this coming week, it is shaping up to be a musical season.


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