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SHARP Interim Report 2014 - 2018

After a long break, we have finally published a new interim report, covering a broad range of research subjects undertaken by the project during the 2014 to 2018 seasons.

A digitised copy of the report is now available to download for SHARP members on the members section of the website. If you are not already signed up, go to the blue log in button on the upper right of the home page. You can sign up with email, Facebook or Google. Once your log in is authorised, you will see SHARP Publication Directory appear on a drop-down menu. By clicking on this you will be taken to a searchable database of SHARP reports (we currently have 198 copies on the database, a large number of which are digitised for downloading - more are being added all the time). Follow the link on the instructions text above the database to be taken to the digitised reports (this page may take some time to load on certain browsers - many of the files are very large - a solution for speedier loading is being worked on!).

A small number of printed copies will be available for purchase. Price and how to order will be advised shortly.


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