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SHARP Governance webpage launch and AGM Announcement

One of the jobs that the new committee have been working on is an overall review of all our policies and procedures. When we started it was clear that SHARP was missing many key policies, and some policies in place were not being implemented fully and others needed work to bring them up to modern standards. When SHARP formed in 1996 it was a different world, but in this modern day and age it is becoming clear that our policies must be updated, regularly reviewed and available in the public domain.

As such we have been working on a governance webpage for the SHARP website, the core of which we are launching now, with more policies and documentation that will be added over time (view the page here). This page includes a bit of SHARPs history and provides copies of all the constitutional documents (part and present), recent AGM minutes, and our various other policies all in one easy to access location. The archive of previous AGM records will be uploaded over time. We hope this will allow us to remain open to members and the public alike.


The 2024 AGM Date

The SHARP committee and trustees are happy to announce that the date of the 2024 AGM will be Wednesday 31st July in Sedgeford. The exact location is to be announced later. There will be the opportunity for SHARP members to attend in person, and also online via zoom.

According to the 1997 constitution, SHARP ‘Members are the subscribers to these Rules and such other persons of 18 years and over as the Association shall admit to membership shall be members of the Association.’ This we feel means that at this point there would be no time limit to membership, so in light of that voting, until a new constitution is in place, will be open to all those that attend the meeting that have attended and worked for SHARP. Due to this decision if you would like to be added to the mailing list for the 2024 AGM notification, please email, with your name.


Joining the Trustees/Committee and Working Groups

We are always on the lookout for new committee members and trustees. This does not have to involve taking on huge roles. Many committee members are involved outside committee in publicity, post-ex, or other aspects of SHARP. Our meetings are usually held via Zoom.

New committee members can be nominated by filling in the nomination form available on the governance page. To become a member of the committee you need to be a member of SHARP, so will have to have taken part in SHARP activities and work. So, if you are completely new to SHARP we suggest that you consider joining us as a volunteer during a season, so that you can learn more about us, and we can get to know you.

Another way of getting involved is to join some of our sub-committees depending on your interest. These are good pathways for learning about the inner workings of SHARP, and to gain an understanding of what the committee is about. Some of our working groups are not limited to members of SHARP, although it does help if you have been a volunteer first. We will be releasing more information about these working groups at a later date.


Published on behalf of the SHARP Committee


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