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On this day...24th July

We begin today with these two large sherds of Ipswich type ware dating to the Middle Saxon period. Together they form part of a spouted vessel. But what makes these sherds so interesting is the stamped decoration and the attempts at burnishing, a process to help achieve a shiny finish to the pot. They were recovered from Trench 14 in 2011. We always have them out on show in the information centre if you would like a closer look next year.

Actually not too sure of the year for this one but for those who were not present for the organised water fight and therefore didn’t witness our founder director dressed as a marauding Viking and David drenching all in reach this one is for you. Sorry about the quality but honestly one did not venture too close. 😊

Staying with informal shots isn’t this one just gorgeous! Taken only last summer, 2019, we see our littlest excavators, Alexa and O being wheeled around by Dan. Thank you to their mummies for keeping us so well-fed last year x


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