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On this day...22nd July

We begin today with a find from this date in 2013 from Trench 16 on Chalkpit Field. From very similar examples found on other archaeological sites we believe it is a wall hook. The spike could be driven into a wall or roof timber and you have a simple but very useful hook.

Jump forward to this date in 2019 and we made a very unexpected discovery, a Roman cremation burial!

All we can tell you at the moment is that we have the actual cremation urn (largest pot), a flagon and a smaller votive pot. Check out the odd shaped stone that has been placed between them. This appears to be a stone with applied compacted soil or mud to perhaps shape it. A very curious shape, don’t you think? 😉

On the left we have a clearer photo of the smaller of the pots once excavated. All the vessels have been taken away and x-rayed. Plans were in place to excavate all pots but these have had to be put on hold due to the current health crisis, but watch this space as it may happen soon!


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