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On this day...20th July

On this day in 2007 Lynn Hollyer proudly shows the large sherd of Ipswich ware pot she has excavated from a ditch section on Chalkpit Field. Long-retired and much-loved, Lynn returned to help us summer after summer, to the admiration of all. She defied her age by excavating with an agility many of the younger volunteers envied. She would often keep us entertained in the evenings with her stories of adventures on other excavations all round the world. Sadly Lynn passed away some years ago but will never be forgotten, particularly her lovely infectious laugh 😊

Nicci Neilson recovered this gorgeous bead from Trench 13 on Chalkpit Field in 2010. It is of a globular bichrome design, made from glass and weighing just 0.75 g. Brownish-red in colour, it has a whitish trail that crosses three times. A dot has been placed in each loop. It is believed to date anywhere from the 5th-7th Century AD and is possibly a continental import.

We conclude today with another drone shot, this time from 2018, showing the excavations of the malting complex within Trench 23 at its finest.

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Diana Battersby
Diana Battersby
Jul 20, 2020

Loving these photos..especially the drone shots!

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