On this day...17th July (Warning - contains images of human remains)

What a fantastic photograph from 2007! Our lovely Chris Mackie may no longer be with us but we remember him with great fondness, not just for all his hard work but for his friendship and wonderful wit. Here he is with the press on this day, showing some of the pot Sammi was excavating earlier.

The photograph on the left was taken of the Boneyard in 1999. Where are these young ladies 21 years on? Did any of you take up a career in archaeology? We’d love to know. Why not come back and visit us next year? You would be so welcome!

Another trench shot to finish with today, this time we see Terry and David in deep conversation regarding something interesting in Trench 10 in 2009. Don’t be long, chaps, those skies are a-darkening!

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