On this day...16th July

Here we have a lovely photograph of Sammi excavating a scatter of Thetford Ware sherds from Trench 1 in 2007. Almost all of these sherds fit together to form a large proportion of a jar dating to the Late Saxon period.

On this day in 2009 a curious ‘hook’ came to light in Trench 11. Heavily corroded it was difficult to determine its purpose but we suggested it was actually a ‘hook’ or perhaps, more excitingly, a hasp used to secure a box or casket.

When the item was x-rayed things became much clearer as you can see. It was indeed a hasp. This well-made item had a right-angled arm and central slot as we could see even with the corrosion. But what we couldn’t see was the beautifully scrolled finial!

We finish today with a much more recent shot, this time just two years ago, in 2018. Here we see environmental archaeologist Tom teaching the BERT recruits how to sieve soil samples.