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And the work goes on outside the season too!

It may only be February but preparations are well underway for this year’s season – our 25th !

Last weekend (aka Storm Ciara weekend) saw most of the Committee making it to Sedgeford for one of the regular meetings that we have during the year. Those who couldn’t physically be there, joined the meeting via Skype – such is the dedication of your Committee!

Some of the Committee during a half time tea break (more were in the kitchen eating cream cakes!)

But when it wasn’t raining, we managed to not only check that Trench 23 was still nice an cosy under her terram covers and sandbags, but also started to paint both the enviro cabin and the new finds hut (this arrived last season and was disguised as a ‘car wash’) – more painting still needs to be done, and the finds hut needs a bit more in the way of fitting out – it's currently missing part of the floor.

So as you can see, we're still busy outside the season. Can't wait to get back onsite for some more archaeology for our 25th season! For more details of how we intend to celebrate this milestone and information abut how you can join us, please visit our website at


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