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On this day...7th July (Warning - contains images of human remains)

It is almost the end of week 1, 1997, and here we have a couple of great working shots showing the Reeddam excavations in the foreground and the Boneyard excavations on the slope of the field behind. Complete skeletons and disarticulated bone have already begun to come to light.

This shot from 2009 (below) reminds us of where the old enviro hut used to stand. Perhaps you even took a turn sieving and drying the samples before the painstaking task of examining all the residue. It was definitely a more popular task in the hot weather!

A last shot for today, this time the BERT’s are gently trowelling back a section of trench 23 in 2016, watched over by Neil, David and John who seem to be having an impromptu discussion about important things, obviously 😉


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