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On this day...5th August

Let's start today with a flashback to the good old enviro days of 2003. Always a task more popular on a hot day. 😊

Who do we have in this picture?

As previously stated, we do more than archaeology. Every year we ask, beg, demand and finally bribe with

bacon sandwiches, our youngest and fittest (and often our more senior, willing and able) to represent us against the neighbouring Snettisham cricketers. Most years we lose but it really is the playing the game that matters and is just one of our much loved links with the local community. Thank you Snettisham! This photo was taken in 2009 with the beautiful church of Snettisham in the background.

On this day in 2010 this little penannular ring was found in Trench 13 on Chalkpit Field. It is a narrow, undecorated ring of leaded copper-alloy which tapers towards its overlapping tips. Dated by the Late Saxon pottery found in the same context it is very similar to other objects of this period that are thought to be either finger rings or earrings. What do you think our artefact is?


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