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On this day...4th July

This wonderful photo was taken in 1998. The photographer was using this vantage point to capture the campsite on Boneyard with the village standing proud behind. Twenty- two years later we have excavated much of the field you can see in the foreground. Little did we know then what secrets it held for us. Have we revealed all of its secrets? Doubtful!

In 2016 the below incomplete copper-alloy mount was found near Trench 2.

By clever use of photography Naomi was able to create a reconstruction of how it almost certainly looked when first made. The central dots were added to the interlacing by hand after casting. Interestingly the tiny rivet had been added, suggesting one of the fixing holes had already broken and the owner was attempting to secure the mount in a different place. To date we have found no exact parallel to compare it to.


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