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On this day...28th July

Seeing double, treble, quadruple? We were delighted to welcome this family with quads to our Open day in 2013 and as you can see they were all keen to look at our collection of finds. Thank you to them for granting us permission to use this photo. Why not visit us again next year? We would love to see how the children have grown.

This day in 2016 produced two rather special finds. First is this finely worked flint arrowhead found in Trench 22 by M. Orridge. Dating to the Later Neolithic era it is known as a chisel arrowhead. It has been retouched to form the triangular shape and may have been hafted into a wooden shaft. It is just over 2mm thick at most and weighs a mere 1.76g.

Found just a short time before was this pivoting knife. We have a large collection of knives found over the years but so far we only have two of these special knives. Double bladed, one blade on each side of the pivot, these knives were perhaps used for a specific craft. Thought to have been introduced during the Middle Anglo-Saxon period they continued to be used in the later period also. Our example has received minimum cleaning as there appear to be possible traces of wood imprints on the smaller blade, suggesting the case/handle was made from wood.


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