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On this day...26th July

On this day in 2009 a Saxon silver series R8 sceat was found in Trench 10. It dates from c.730-50 and was minted in East Anglia. Interestingly a coin of the same type was found in the Boneyard evaluation trench in 2000.

Open day 2009 and we have Rowena in Anglo-Saxon costume showing us she is the best at ‘Toss-the-torc’.

We have an eagle-eyed Alyson to thank for this tiny green glass bead. Measuring just 2.37mm in diameter and weighing too little to even register, Alyson discovered it whilst sorting residue from a Trench 20 environmental sample from 2015. It is circular with a central circular hole. Although a first for our site, several have been found at other Anglo-Saxon settlement sites and have been interpreted as spacer beads.


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