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On this day...1st August

Throughout the history of the project we have often been visited by the local press and radio but in 2014 the BBC came to film a short episode for ‘Mr. Bloom: Here and There’ for their CBeebies network. Children’s presenter Ben Faulks (Mr. Bloom) brought a group of children along to ‘excavate’ the teaching trench. Gary (whatever you say, Gary, you were a natural 😉) did a brilliant job of teaching and working with the children. Ann escaped from the Finds hut for a couple of hours to help, remaining carefully in the background well out of camera reach. It did seem appropriate at the time to have a photo taken with the star of the show though, as you do.

As there were not too many note-worthy small finds made on this particular date we remain with the frivolous with this photo of Luke taken in 2009. Theme for the evening was ‘Night of the living dead’ and Luke had somewhat failed in his attempt to keep his mummy wrappings on! Luke, did you get our bill for the toilet paper? 😊


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