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On this day...11th July

Today we have some trench shots, beginning with the one above, taken of the Boneyard excavation in 2002. Perhaps you can see yourself here. We think we have Dominic (in the centre of the picture) standing beside Ray who is sitting, and in the foreground we have a much younger Neil. Where are your safety boots Dr Faulkner?

Moving forward to 2009, we share a great example of when the archaeology is just so clear. This photograph, taken of Trench 10 on Chalkpit Field, offers evidence of several features showing up as different-coloured soils.

We conclude today's memory trip with another photograph from 2009. Here we see the BERT course participants getting some of the theory tuition from past supervisors Westie and Mark.

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Ann Smith
Ann Smith
15 juil. 2020

I thought it was Gareth on the plank but not sure enough to say. Thank you so much, Graham. Please do help with any of the older photo's. I started in 2000 so not sure of folk before then but happy to say I actually know or remember all of the people you have picked out. Thanks again.


It looks to me as if the 2002 picture was staged for the photo. It looks like Gareth on the plank. Sophie and Naomi are between Neil and Ray, then Dom. At the back, Pauline is wearing the white baseball cap, Liz the white head square and it might be Anj in the white T-shirt. What does anyone else think? Graham.

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