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On this day...10th July

Three more recent shots for you today. Firstly this one, taken in 2016. We all know how water can be the enemy, either too little of it, or as seen here, too much of it. Here we have David attempting to push the collective pools of rainwater out of the plastic covering shielding the site and Perry planning to catch it all in a bucket…..don’t we all wish we had been there to watch that?!

Next we see Dr. Blakelock on the tower, no doubt marvelling at the astonishing archaeology of Trench 23 in 2018. She must have been feeling quite Ellie-vated that day 😉

Finally for today we leave you with a peaceful photo of the campsite taken in 2017. No doubt it will make most of us miss this year's season even more. But think ahead to 2021 and we’ll be back!


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