A bit about BERT

SHARP's Basic Excavation and Recording Techniques - or BERT - course is our introduction to archaeology for all comers.

Run by two experienced archaeologists, Deborah and Phil, BERT is a doorway into a fascinating world where the ancient meets the modern, science meets humanities, and everyone meets a lot of dirt.

Deborah started out in archaeology on a BERT course - seventeen years later, and after a successful career in archaeology, she is still passionate about it. "I think archaeology is the best job/interest/hobby in the world, it makes me so happy and I want to share that with everyone and anyone," she says.

Ready for the first BERT cohort: Trench 23, Week 1 2017

The majority of time on BERT is spent on Trench 23, our main excavation area exploring some Anglo-Saxon grain ovens, putting into practice the lessons taught in the BERT tent. Nearly everything occurs on and around the main site, which keeps our BERTs up close and personal with the archaeology.

Cleaning back and exploring a new feature - 2017

A bird's-eye view of Trench 23 - Week 1, 2017

Cleaning back a large feature in a trowel line - 2017

BERTs busy learning (or not!) in the teaching tent - 2017

Everyone who does BERT has a great time, and many end up being long-term SHARPies or even starting careers in archaeology, as Deborah did.

Deborah having a laugh on Boneyard - 2017

We take any age over 14 (with a parent: or over 16 with parental permission) and don't discriminate on age, sex, gender or ability. Everyone is welcome!