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Summer 2022 Season - Set-up Week

Cabins being delivered to the field

Clear blue skies and very warm temperatures have made this week's preparations for the start of our new excavation season a very hot but enjoyable experience. In addition to setting up all the important elements of the project infrastructure, we have been busy getting the excavation trenches ready. This summer, as well as our main trench in Chalkpit Field, where we will be continuing to excavate the complex of Anglo-Saxon malting houses, we will be also working on two other sites.

Sun setting on Boneyard Field

The first of these is an evaluation in Chalkpit Quarry. During 1991, drainage pipelines were laid in the adjacent area and the evaluation work, carried out prior to groundworks commencing, uncovered the remains of a substantial Middle Anglo-Saxon kiln feature. Our objective is to try and locate this features and any further evidence within the area.

Main excavation trench, Chalkpit Field

Machining the evaluation trench in Chalkpit Quarry

We have also opened a new evaluation trench in Saggy Horse Field (West Hall Long Meadow). We hope to gain fresh insight into the course and dating of the east-west aligned canal feature which ran across the site.

Follow our progress over the coming weeks.

Opening the evaluation trench in Saggy Horse Field.

Drone photo looking north across the village showing the two new evaluation trenches.

Drone photo looking east across Boneyard Field and Chalkpit Field.


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