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SHARP: Powering the Past!

A message from Dr John Jolleys regarding our new Crowdfunder campaign.

Dear Friend and Supporter of SHARP,

I should like, as Chair of the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological research Project (SHARP), to ask for your help and support.

The Project has now been running for 25 years and has more than enough un-excavated archaeology to run for at least 25 more years. During the last quarter of a century, over 4000 individuals have come to SHARP as excavators and also to learn more about archaeology through our courses and lectures. In addition very many more, especially from local schools, have visited the site to view our excavations and finds.

We do not rely on a substantial, recurring grant for support, but have always generated our own resources and relied upon the generosity of individuals, local societies and organisations.

Our headquarters in Sedgeford, the Old Village Hall, has been most generously provided for us by the Sedgeford Hall Estate but it is now in need of major repair and we must move out. This has offered us the opportunity to move our archive and research base down on to the main site in Boneyard field.

The installation of a mains electricity supply is essential to enable us to improve and extend the facilities we can provide for excavators, researchers and visitors alike as, in the past, we have had to use a diesel-powered generator to produce electricity and we need a reliable, cleaner and greener supply.

This is where we need your help and support. The cost will be £15,000 and we have launched a Crowdfunder campaign to help raise the money.

Our campaign page can be viewed by clicking on this link:

We would be most grateful if:

* You could make a donation to the campaign (please remember to tick the Gift Aid box, so we can claim this back too)

* Like and share your donation on Facebook and other social media if you're

* Make contact with other SHARPies and interested friends to ask them whether they would like to support us also.

Thank you so much, we are most grateful for your support and generosity.

With warmest best wishes,

John Jolleys,

Chair of SHARP.


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