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On this day...23rd July

Back in time to 2005 and a line of volunteers are about to start a new morning on the Roman Project. We can see Steve and Ray (and is that you, Mike?) but who else was there that year? More about this project later 😉

2009 was a cracking year for small finds and on this day our little ansate brooch (below) was recovered from Trench 10.

As you can see from the photo two deeply incised grooves on the top and either side of the central bow of the brooch create a triple ridged effect. Simple decoration has been added to the flattened ends in the form of irregular incised wavy grooves. On the underside of the brooch the catch hook is still intact although the pin, which we can tell was of iron since some of the corrosion survives, has long gone. Interestingly a few similar parallels have also been found in Norfolk and have been attributed to the Frankish Merovingian period. It is suggested that our brooch belongs to a variety called the East Harling type and may be an East Anglian product dating between c.700-850.

We finish today with a shot from 2011.

Just sometimes, even though it is summer, archaeology can be cold, wet and downright miserable. Here we see Jon trying to rebuild a little enthusiasm by peering into a soggy trench, but judging by the faces of those around they all need a nice hot cuppa! Were you here on this day?


Love that picture of Steve, Ray and Mike. Next year definitely (maybe)!

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