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On this day...12th August

Well, this date is perhaps the most memorable one in the history of the project so please excuse today's memories being a bit longer.

Let us take you back to Tuesday, 12th August, 2003. Everyone is busy trying to finish for the season when Kev Woodward and Terry Baxter make this astonishing discovery on the Boneyard! Who could forget the moment when the x-ray, kindly provided by Sandringham Hospital, showed us the find of dreams?

Inside that broken cow bone were 20 Gallo-Belgic E Iron Age coins. A further 11 were found scattered outside the bone. Added to the 8 identical coins found in previous years this represents an impressive hoard. The coins were thought to have been minted by the Ambiani tribe of Northern Gaul in the 1st century BC.

But with discovery there undoubtedly come questions. What were the coins doing there? Were they a ritual deposition? Had they been hidden in times of trouble, and lost? Was there another reason why the depositor did not return? There are many thoughts and theories. This has been just a whirlwind account of that incredible discovery but you can read the whole story in The Sedgeford Hoard by Megan Dennis and Neil Faulkner. ISBN 0-7524-3438-1. It is well worth the read!


Ann Smith
Ann Smith
Sep 07, 2020

Don't worry, Guy, Pegasus hasn't been forgotten. He is featured in an upcoming blog in a couple of days ;)


Guy Jillings
Guy Jillings
Sep 06, 2020

The gold hoard was found close to Pegasus the Iron Age horse that I excavated with Helen. please show me this again!

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