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King's Lynn Under Siege

The siege of King’s Lynn in the late summer of 1643 was a turning point of the English Civil War.

380 years later, a community-based archaeological project is lifting this relatively little-known event out of obscurity, demonstrating that what happened in and around King’s Lynn during the 1640s was of national importance.

Formed in 2018, King’s Lynn under Siege (KLuS) is investigating the impact of the English Civil War on the population and fabric of this Norfolk port and town, uncovering not just the siege itself but also its subsequent re-fortification that transformed King’s Lynn into one of thestrongest fortresses in the country.

Its starring role in Channel 4’s Great British Dig (to be screened on More 4 on 9th February 2022) has brought the project into the limelight, and during July 2022, KLuS will be continuing the incredibly successful excavation started last September.

Organised and run in conjunction with the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeology Project (SHARP), the 2022 ‘season’ will run from 17th to 30th July 2022.

For further information and to book your place visit civil-war-archaeological-project.

For further information about this and other aspects of the project visit: Or contact KLuS at:


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