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SHARP Evening Entertainment

It's getting close to the season now, and I hope everyone is just as excited as the SHARP team are. Obviously the focus of SHARP is the archaeology but we like to have a bit of fun in the evenings too, so this blog is going to let you know what we have planned.

Saturday evening we will have our traditional meet and greet meal. It's a great time to meet the team and your fellow volunteers, and is open to those staying offsite too but please let us know in advance so we can plan ahead.

On Sundays we have our friendly, but still somehow rather competitive quiz, and there are even prizes. It’s a fun evening with plenty of banter.

Monday nights in the past were movie night in the marquee, but these were poorly attended, and not entirely social. Instead this will be replaced with a free evening for people to chat, go to the village pub (and take part in their quiz), or if the weather is good we may get roasting marshmallows around the campfire.

Tuesdays are our academic lecture series in the church, each week we have a invited speakers to talk on a range of topics, with a chance to ask the speaker questions before we all head to the local pub. More information can be found on the events page of the website.

Wednesday and Thursday nights are our more relaxed evenings. We have card games available for people to play or if the weather is nice, and we can organise enough vehicles, we might organise a visit to the beach.

Friday is the final evening for each week, and therefore we organise a bigger event. This year we have managed to organise a real feast of entertainment. Week 1 to 4 we will have live music, including returning artists as well as a few new names, followed by the ever popular karaoke to finish off the night. In week 5 we have our very own version of the Taskmaster show, we call it ‘TaskMistresses’. You will form teams to complete silly and fun tasks, or simply enjoy the chaos as part of the audience. For our final Friday evening we will have a murder mystery party. We all try to solve a murder in Santa Tortuga involving rum in, you guessed it, a pirate themed evening. Come prepared to dress up, over act and drink plenty of rum? Play one of the many characters or just soak up the atmosphere, in this laid back event.

We can't wait for you to join us for another fun-filled season!


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