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SHARP’s Digital Trenches platform is a virtual learning environment that contains a range of Digital Trenches (courses). You can access some Digital Trenches as a guest user of the site (such as the SHARP Booking Form).


To view and explore the full range of Digital Trenches available, you will need to register and log in. Registration is free and there are a number of Digital Trenches that are freely available to all registered participants.


Some Digital Trenches are online support areas for SHARP’s in-person courses and you will need to book and pay for a place on a course to gain access to the relevant Digital Trench. Some Digital Trenches are in the form of stand alone online short courses and for some of these there is a fee if you choose to participate in the course.


Digital Trench: Photograph Donation Project


This Digital Trench supports SHARP's Digital Photographic Archive Project, funded by the National Archives Testbed Fund. Can we use photographs of excavations that are donated by volunteers and visitors to help overcome post-excavation challenges? We hope so!


We are currently asking all those who have been a volunteer with SHARP, or a visitor to the Sedgeford excavations, if they are willing to donate any photographs they took (scan copies). Anyone wishing to donated digital copies of their photographs will be able to upload them via this Digital Trench (you will need to register and log in to do so).

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