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On this day...8th July

This day in 2008 saw John Hensby in his element, excavating an Ipswich ware cooking pot that had fallen into the fire in antiquity. Once all the sherds had been recovered it soon became clear that apart from the bottom section most of the pot was there and Ann was able to reconstruct it. The question regarding the whereabouts of this bottom section remains a mystery. Perhaps it was dragged from the fire in an attempt to salvage at least a small amount of the ruined meal? The reconstruction below shows one of the two opposing suspension holes by which it would have hung over the fire.

Jump forward a year to 2009 and this day saw the discovery of a small fragment of slightly curved vessel glass (above right). Blue in colour, it has two applied light-yellow trails on the exterior surface. The find was made by T. Finney whilst excavating Trench 11. Interestingly, a very similar fragment was found two years previously and is probably from the same vessel, which has been dated to the Middle/Late Anglo-Saxon period.


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