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This year, as we are not going to be able to meet up as usual and continue doing what we all love, we thought it would be an opportunity to look back over the years since 1996 and just take a bit of a walk down memory lane. Few will remember some of the finds and events of twenty odd years ago but many of those involved then still stay in touch, so we hope you will enjoy reminiscing and revisiting some of those days.

Every year the project attracts folk from far and wide and new friendships are formed. Many return year after year so we hope our newer volunteers will also enjoy looking back at some of the earlier and more recent highlights. Who knows, perhaps you will find yourself named or even see yourself in one of the many photographs? Perhaps it will bring back memories of your own that you would like to share with us. Please do.

At this point may we stress that we have compiled this as best we can with dates as accurate as possible. Many of the events and informal shots would perhaps better be considered as ‘around about this time’ but of course we can be more accurate about the small finds featured. There were hundreds of photographs to choose from and what follows is a mere representation which we hope you will enjoy!


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