Evaluating a Roman Farmstead


In 2005 and 2006, we excavated a multi-phase site located in Polar Breck field and the southern area of Chalk Pit field. Over the two excavations we found evidence of a Late Iron Age farmstead which falls into abandonment in the latter part of the 1st century and which later develops into a Roman agricultural processing plant that runs through to the Mid to Late 4th century. It was in 2006, that we discovered charred human remains of a body that had been murdered and then stuffed into the flue system of a grain drying oven!

During our 2014 season, we intend to revisit the area and undertake an evaluation excavation in a field adjacent to our previous work. Research has highlighted interesting activity in this area and we can hopefully obtain more evidence that may enable us to turn this site into a longer term research excavation.

To book a place as an excavation volunteer on this project, download a copy of our application form and select Roman Project in the Excavation section of the form.

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