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  • We welcome all volunteers regardless of background!


    If you have at least three weeks' excavation and recording experience, or an equivalent basic course in field archaeology from SHARP or elsewhere, you can book to take part as a volunteer archaeologist in one of a variety of roles. 


    Please note that volunteers are allocated depending on the workforce needs of the site, which change regularly, though we will accommodate personal preference wherever possible. Volunteers are encouraged to excavate and record their own areas or features during their time with us. Full supervision on site is provided if you need your skills to be refreshed. 


    If you however have no previous experience in archaeology, it is a requirement to enrol first in a Basic Excavation and Recording Techniques (BERT) course, after completion of which you are welcome to stay on as an excavation volunteer for the cost of facilities only. Or return as a volunteer another year. 


    We understand that the physical aspects of archaeology does not always suit all, or that people have ongoing injuries or health concerns that make it difficult to excavate a whole week. This is absolutely fine, and there is often post-ex work that can be done on site for those who need a break from digging or who are more interested in this side of archaeology. We have added a drop down selection to allow you to indicate whether you are interested in excavating full time on site, part-time or whether you would prefer to do post-ex only. You do not need to have completed the BERT course, or have prior experience, to be a post-ex volunteer.


    Please note: persons aged 15 are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian accompanying. Ages 16 and 17 may attend unaccompanied with parental or guardian permission.

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