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On this day...29th July

This curious bone artefact was recovered from Trench 6 in 2008. It is an incomplete distal end of a sheep or goats right tibia. The worked end has been rounded and slightly polished. The purpose of the artefact is unclear but the most likely suggestion is that it was intended as a socketed handle for a metal tool such as a punch or awl.

There was great excitement on this day in 2015 when Jon found this little treasure in Trench 20. Made from silver it is unclear what this artefact was originally but it was probably a strap-end, a mount or a tag of some kind. What is apparent is that it has later been reworked or repaired. The top is jagged and irregular with two rivet/attachment holes. It has been beautifully chip-carve decorated. The design is in two halves with opposing beast heads at the pointed terminal. The interlaced pattern is not quite symmetrical, adding to its uniqueness. Incredibly it is under 1mm even at its thickest. It must surely have been a treasured possession to have been recycled in this way.


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