2016 Excavation Season

Our 2016 excavation season will run from Sunday 10th July to Friday 19th August and we are looking to run a range of excavation projects and courses. Our programme will include large-scale excavations of the Middle Anglo-Saxon village and industrial complex, small-scale excavation of the Medieval manor and water-mill and excavation of the First World War aerodrome. We will be offering a wide range of courses. Full details of our excavations and courses can be found by clicking the Excavation Opportunities and Courses links.

Digging Sedgeford: A People's Archaeology

For the past nineteen summers and for many months in between, the history of the north-west Norfolk village of Sedgeford has been explored by a team of archaeologists, students and volunteers, historians and specialists. Digging Sedgeford: A People's Archaeology is the story of and what they have discovered and an extraordinary insight into the historical importance of this corner of Norfolk. 

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