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  • The Anglo-Saxon word “craeft” is distinct from our modern word “craft” in spirit and in practice. “Craeft” means having the wisdom of one’s surroundings, understanding nature and the seasons, and knowing one’s materials, as well as how objects and systems fall apart. - Alexander Langlands


    The term craft is a bit of a misnomer as it implies something frivolous and non-essential, hence the use of the word craeft.  We will be looking at the skills, techniques, and abilities people will have needed to master in order to fulfil their basic needs and will cover textiles, pottery, carving, casting & building. This course is about how people lived day to day at various times in the past, from the Palaeolithic & Neolithic, through the Bronze Age and Iron Age, and up to the Anglo Saxon Period.  It will be a bit of a mixture of experimental archaeology and exploring ancient skills and crafts. The sessions will be linked to the finds here at Sedgeford and across the wider area of East Anglia and for the most part we will be using the resources they had to hand.  


    The course will be almost entirely practical with opportunities to get hands on experience of different skills from the past. 


    Please note there will be the use of animal products during the course.  There is an additional materials cost included in the price however you will be able to take home the pieces you make at the end of the week. Please feel free to bring a simple carving knife if you have one, although we will have them available.


    Please note: persons aged 15 are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian accompanying. Ages 16 and 17 may attend unaccompanied with parental or guardian permission. 

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