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In 2021 SHARP will be opening up its very first 'Digital Trenches'


You can register and log-in to the Digital Trench platform using the link below.




Once registered, you will be able to access a range of online content. You can opt-in to receive notifications of when content becomes available.


In 2021, all available Digital Trench content will be free to access. In 2022, a fee may be charged for access to some content such as online short-courses, similar to in-person courses that SHARP offers.

Launching in 2021!....

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Trench 23 (July 2021)


This Digital Trench will run alongside the physical trench excavations of a rare early medieval (c.650-800AD) malting complex.


Remote participants can stay updated with events onsite through a combination of live streaming and recorded news videos, and can also gain archaeology skills by completing a range of online learning activities. On-site volunteers will also be able to access the content for this Digital Trench.

Excavation Season Events (July 2021)

This digital trench will enable SHARP volunteers and 'Friends of SHARP' to remotely participate in the regular events that normally occur on-site at Sedgeford during the excavation season such as, guest lectures and quiz night.


Photograph Donation (July 2021)


This Digital Trench will support SHARP's Digital Photographic Archive Project, funded by the National Archives Testbed Fund. Can we use photographs of excavations that are donated by volunteers and visitors to help overcome post-excavation challenges? We hope so!


We are currently asking all those who have been a volunteer with SHARP, or a visitor to the Sedgeford excavations, if they are willing to donate any photographs they took (scan copies). Anyone wishing to donated digital copies of their photographs will be able to upload them via this Digital Trench.


Trench 25 (Autumn 2021)


This Digital Trench will feature an online short-course all about the discovery, study and interpretation of three Roman pots. They were discovered in 2019 and we believe that they are cremation urns. SHARP has been given free access to the National X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) facility ( to carry out high resolution CT scanning. This will enable us to ‘view’ inside the pots and obtain a 3D virtual record, before we excavate out their contents. We are looking forward to seeing all the results and revealing these to participants on the online short-course.

SHARPening Our Tools to Open 'Digital Trenches' is a pilot project that has been made possible, thanks to a grant awarded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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