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What is it No 1? - Answer

Well to be completely honest, we are not sure. However, have a look at something similar and see what you think.

This little bronze object was recovered from Chalkpit Field in 2011. The Finds team were baffled as we couldn’t find a parallel anywhere. However, due to its general appearance we suspected it could be part of an Iron Age toggle. As you can see it is rugby-ball shaped with remains of worn ridges around the body. It has a circular area standing proud at each end. There are also clear signs that it has broken away from the rest of the artefact.

A couple of years later a member of the team was visiting Avebury museum and spotted the bracelet below on display in one of the cabinets. Although our object is clearly more worn it resembles the terminals of this bracelet, which was found in an external ditch at Silbury Hill and dates to the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age. What do you think?


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