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On this day...6th August

Back in time 21 years to 1999 and a group of volunteers take a well-earned rest and learn about on-site photography. Are you in this group?

Robin found this safety pin brooch in Trench 10 in 2009. Made from a single piece of copper-alloy wire this example is in excellent condition and dates to the Middle Anglo-Saxon period. It’s easy to see why they are referred to as safety pin brooches!

Another copper-alloy small find was found on this day, but in 2013. It is worthy of note for two reasons. It is part of a beautiful linked pin set thought to date to c.7th-8th century. Originally it would have been linked by a chain to a second, identical pin. But what also makes this a very special find is that it was found by a visiting volunteer, Kia Mousley, who had signed up to ‘Dig for a day’. What an amazing archaeology taster day!

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