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Human Remains Team representing SHARP

Although the season is over, the Human Remains Team is still hard at work.

BABAO (The British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology) held its 20th Annual Conference on the 14th -16th September 2018. It was attended by international academics and industry professionals from the world of


We were pleased to be selected to present a poster showing some of our work with an

individual from the Anglo-Saxon burial ground excavated by SHARP. The poster discussed a young skeleton with an unusual type of infection, a Brodie’s Abscess. We have used a variety of techniques to assess the skeleton and learn as much as we can about them, including CT (computed tomography) imaging to look at the inside of the bones without using older destructive methods.

Katie, HR team member, colour-coordinating with the poster…

We have previously had a number of posters and an oral presentation at BABAO

conferences, and hope we are continuing to raise the academic profile of SHARP, showing just what we can manage as a volunteer organisation.

If you would like to join the Human Remains team as a volunteer please visit our website here.

We also run courses on Human Remains at two levels - beginner and advanced. For details on this, please click here.


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