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All work and no play...

A couple of weeks ago we brought you an overview of last year's Friday nights at SHARP. Fridays are the end of our working week and, traditionally, our night to party and relax.

Plans are afoot for 2018 and the timetable for Friday nights is taking shape. If you'll be on Boneyard this summer, or if you're thinking of coming to be a volunteer or attend a course, read on!

Week One

Friday 6 July Usually a quiet one for our first week - details TBA soon.

Week Two

Friday 13th ‘Sedgeford’s Got Talent’ – music and performance night. Bring your instruments and start polishing your spoken word and comedy routines!

Week Three

Friday 20th Hugh Lupton “The Mardling Acre”

In Norfolk, to mardle is to gossip. This is a programme of folk-tales, legends, memories, music and songs from the gossiping acres of East Anglia, and celebrating the folk imagination of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and the Fens.

Cost: £20 for visitors (open to the public) and £15 for those on site: bookings here

William Alderson and Marshlander bring us poetry and music in 2017

Week Four - “Back to Boneyard” weekend

In a first for the Project, past SHARPies are invited to come back and see what's new (and old) on the Boneyard as we continue to evolve!

Friday 27th The John Preston Tribute Band returns, to be followed by the Marquee Dance Party to end all dance parties...

Saturday 28th Back to Boneyard evening barbecue gathering to relax and catch up

Sunday 29th Open Day - open to the public, 10am to 4pm

Week Five

Friday 3 Aug Party theme night (theme TBA) with Katie games (and if you don't know what Katie games are, then you don't know Katie... come along to meet her and find out)

Week Six

Friday 10th Final night party with guest DJ

The John Prescott Tribute Band rock the house in 2017

Friday night activities are hosted in our Marquee on Boneyard, starting at 7:30pm and finishing by midnight (so the village can get some sleep). But fear not - we pack a lot of fun into a few hours.

Visit our SHARP Events page for more, and see you in the Marquee on a Friday this summer!

Please note: unless noted otherwise above, all Friday night events are for SHARP team members, volunteers and invited guests, and are closed to the public. Thanks.


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