Due to the nature of the practical experiments we cannot take anyone under the age of 18 on this course. 


      Ever wondered how ancient people made metal, and/or created their beautiful objects? 


      Well now is your chance to find out about ancient metalworkers, their methods, and their creativity. This course is primarily a practical experimental archaeology course, comprising informal on-site discussions which will introduce all aspects of the prehistoric and historic production of metal, along with the human relationship that developed with this process. There will also be practical handling sessions, looking at archaeological examples of metalworking residues.


      During this year's course we will discuss the following topics:

      • Collecting and processing the raw materials
      • Origin of metallurgy
      • Copper alloys, melting, casting and working
      • Iron smelting and furnaces
      • Iron smithing and the production of objects
      • The hidden and human aspects to metal production
      • Precious metals including the Staffordshire Hoard (depending on interest from students)


      In 2018 the practical focus of the course will be copper alloy casting. This will alternate annually with iron smelting (next course 2019).


      There will be an opportunity and materials for participants to cast small copper alloy objects to take home. During the week the students will construct their own metalworking hearth, and learn how to make moulds in a variety of materials. Each student will be supplied with wax to produce an object using the lost wax method. There will be an opportunity for students to learn how to pour molten metal (if they wish). One evening there will be a casting or copper smelting demonstration after it gets dark so that the students can see the colour changes of the flame. 


      What to bring

      Clothing that you are prepared to get very dirty. Wellies are essential for mixing the furnace clay. Suitable closed footwear for on site during the activities. For those with long hair please bring something to tie it back. Creative ideas for small items to make.


      W/C 4th August 2019


      6 days

    • RATES

      On Site Full - £430 

      On Site Concession - £340  

      Off Site - £290 



    Registered Charity Number 1064553

    Email: enquiries@sharp.org.uk

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