Final season 24 blog

Excavation - As it was the last week of the season, not much actual excavation was done in either Trench 23 (with this week's activity mostly concerning the final recording and paperwork) or Trench 25 (which was covered over at the end of last week). There was, however, the discovery of an assemblage of Romano-British pots, three in total – two of which are almost completely intact. Initial interpretation suggests that these are a late 2nd/ early 3rd-century cremation assemblage. The soil layer into which the cremation was deposited was clearly being maintained by draining and ploughing before the cremation was buried into it. A shallow gulley or paleochannel below the level of the cremation

Week 5 Blog

Excavation On Trench 23, digging intensified, with a sharp focus on the discovery of multiple postholes around Malt House 2. Although there was the strong difficulty of identifying circles of dark orangish brown silty sand within mid orangish brown silty sand, a number have been found and half sectioned. A number have also been found near the cistern of Malt House 1, possibly indicating multiple phases on the site. The sampling over Malt House 3 is finally complete, with c.1100 litres of soil removed to be floated by our environmental team. The plan for next season will be to lift the daub surface from which the soil above was taken, and hopefully more grain will be found via a similar sampl

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