Week 4 Blog

Excavation On Trench 23, the clean up of Malt House 3 came to a close, with photos taken of a daub spread next to the kiln, seemingly on top of a clay surface. The plan for the coming week is to plan and record so that it can be lifted next year. Elsewhere, the possible Malt House 4 is slowly being revealed, though at this stage it mostly consists of a daub ring. Some of the postholes associated with Malt House 2 appear to have been found. There were also a number of mice made during a session off, after the apparent discovery by Neil of an Anglo-Saxon mouse. Most have been found, though there are still some remaining to be discovered next season. Over on Trench 25, trays full of pot, bone a

Week 3 Blog

Trench 23 This week Trench 23 had a range of different activities from sampling in the northern end to aggressive troweling in the southern end. The main areas of focus were Kiln Three and the Steeping Tank with some attention on the possible Kiln Four. Mass sampling of Kiln Three continued until the last day of the week with hundreds of litres of soil being sampled. By the end of the week most of the sampling had been completed. Kiln Two In Kiln Two investigation of the wall structure began with a small slot being put in which revealed that the walls were mostly soil. Kiln Four The clay floor north-west of Kiln Four was also investigated showing the heavy ploughing but not revealing more of


W/c 28th July sees the start of our An Introduction to Photogrammetry course which will be run by Paul Docherty. This exciting course teaches students the basics of 3D reconstruction of archaeological sites through stereo-photogrammetry and structure-from-motion techniques; work which is incredibly valuable within the archaeological and heritage sector. Last year, Peter Stibbons attended the course and has been busy developing the knowledge he gained and has recently produced this work of an Anglo-Saxon strap end found at Sedgeford We hope to be adding further examples of Sedgeford-related work in the near future

Week 2 goings on

Excavation This week the south end of Trench 23 began to be exposed. The first few days had the BERTs and Neil as well as Joe, supervising that area. Mattocking and hoeing the exposed areas quickly found archaeology a few centimetres below the surface. The focus quickly switched to troweling and brushing as more of the large (2.5m by 1.5m) daub structure was exposed; while this was happening the BERTs cleaned and drew sections and did photography of the top end of the trench. As the end of the week rolled round, more theories were put forward for the function of the structure, including grain storage or other structures for the malting complex - as of today (the 13th) it currently stands tha

The Penland Phezants - live at the Boneyard, 5th July 2019

It’s not all that often that a band can say that they played an Anglo-Saxon cemetery but last Friday the Penland Phezants added Boneyard Field, Sedgeford (summer home to the Sedgeford Historical & Archaeological Research Project) to their list. In fact there is a motif that brought the group of local folk/storytellers to the historic site. Friday 5th July marked the bicentenary of the remarkable death of Sedgeford resident Susan Nobes, who was killed by a lightning bolt in the vestry of St. Mary’s Church, Sedgeford; part of the band’s set was dedicated to commemorating her death with The Ballad of Susan Nobes. The Penland Phezants, comprising of poet Gareth Calway, Andy Wall (lead vocals & g

Week 1 - and we're off!

This week, as almost all first weeks are, was mainly focused on opening Trench 23 and cleaning all surfaces. Some progress was made in places, with the baulk being taken back on the eastern side, revealing a possible ditch feature. Elsewhere in the trench, the BERTs took down the colluvium around Kiln 3 to look at the possibility of another clay floor in front of the kiln. Future plans for Trench 23 in the coming week include a detailed sampling of Kiln 3 and its clay surface. New this year is Hannah Caroe, a DPhil student from Oxford, researching Anglo-Saxon malting and beer production whilst working on our environmental team. It is hoped that this analysis can provide a greater insight int

SHARP Interim Report 2014 - 2018

After a long break, we have finally published a new interim report, covering a broad range of research subjects undertaken by the project during the 2014 to 2018 seasons. A digitised copy of the report is now available to download for SHARP members on the members section of the website. If you are not already signed up, go to the blue log in button on the upper right of the home page. You can sign up with email, Facebook or Google. Once your log in is authorised, you will see SHARP Publication Directory appear on a drop-down menu. By clicking on this you will be taken to a searchable database of SHARP reports (we currently have 198 copies on the database, a large number of which are digitise

And...Season 24 has started!

Season 24’s dig season started on Sunday, and with good weather forecast for the next few weeks, we are hoping to progress well with the excavations and research. But prior to Sunday,a small team of people had been on site for the best part of a week, getting everything set up. This ranged from the grass in the field being cut, the nettles strimmed, the marquee being erected and the cabins, toilets and showers being delivered and placed in the right spots to ensure that the electricity supply will reach the units from the generator. The kitchen staff thoroughly cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, arranged the menu plans and started ordering from their suppliers. Additionally, this year w

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