SHARP Human Remains Team represented at Bones, Bodies and Disease Conference

The SHARP team continue to be busy working hard out of season. In January, Dr Sophie Beckett (Cranfield Forensic Institute) gave a presentation at a conference held by the University of Bradford ‘Bones, Bodies and Disease - Conference and launch event for the Calvin Wells archive’. Bradford University curate an archive of material that mainly relates to Calvin Wells' career as a palaeopathologist, which included writing over 300 skeletal reports, over 200 journal articles, 2 books, attending regular speaking engagements, and contributing to radio and television. Many of Wells' bone reports and palaeopathology articles were based on skeletal material excavated in East Anglia. The SHARP talk

The Ballad of Susan Nobes

A Sedgeford poet and harpist have combined to film a live tribute to Susan Nobes, who was killed tragically in Sedgeford Church 200 years ago. The 14 year old daughter of a farm labourer was struck by lightning while attending Sunday School during a violent storm on July 5 1819. It had been a beautiful and calm July evening. Tragically, weeks of drought broke just after nine pm in a blizzard of rain and hail, which ran straight off the baked hills onto the village, turning a rural idyll into a village from hell and causing a tidal wave of gravesoil to flood the church. The church tower was struck by lightning and a yard-wide hole scorched into it, blocks falling down into the deluged schoolr

SHARP secures National Lottery support for “Working with a Disarticulated Community” project

SHARP’s recent application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the project ‘Volunteering with a Disarticulated Community: Towards Re-association of Anglo-Saxon Bones’ was successful and work on the project has begun. SHARP carried out excavations on the site of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Sedgeford, Norfolk from 1996 to 2007 and recovered the remains of almost 300 burials. The site has been dated to the middle Anglo-Saxon period and is believed to have been used as a cemetery from 650AD to 850AD. This is a time when incomers from Europe were settled and the main Anglo-Saxon kingdoms had formed. Sedgeford would have been in the kingdom of the East Angles. At the time of its use for burial when gr

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