Lou – an update from the Human Remains Team

Our sneaky skeleton of SH18 was Lou, discovered during set-up week. In our end of season update , we mentioned that we had sent a toe bone for carbon dating. Excitingly, we have now got the result back! Lou comes from 658 – 767 AD. The carbon dates from the main burial ground excavation suggest it was in use between 650 – 875 AD, making it very likely that this individual was a contemporary of some of our other skeletons. This result raises other questions though, as we still don’t know how this burial links to the rest of the burial ground physically and socially. It has been suggested that a recent geophysical survey might show the burial ground extending across the whole of the field we c

Human Remains Team representing SHARP

Although the season is over, the Human Remains Team is still hard at work. BABAO (The British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology) held its 20th Annual Conference on the 14th -16th September 2018. It was attended by international academics and industry professionals from the world of osteoarchaeology. We were pleased to be selected to present a poster showing some of our work with an individual from the Anglo-Saxon burial ground excavated by SHARP. The poster discussed a young skeleton with an unusual type of infection, a Brodie’s Abscess. We have used a variety of techniques to assess the skeleton and learn as much as we can about them, including CT (computed tomogr

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