Week 6

It's nearing the end of week 6…..It has rained nearly all day today, and more is expected over the weekend….just when we are trying to get everything packed away dry! But we beat the rain on trench and managed to protect and cover the whole trench prior to the rain starting. There have been two course running this week. The archaeometallurgy group have made some beautiful objects. Our lecture this week was given by our archaeometallurgy specialist, Dr Ellie Blakelock, and provided some fascinating additional information on the Staffordshire Hoard. This is the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver metalwork yet found, consisting of over 3,500 items, of gold, silver and some 3,500 piece

Week 5

It is the end of week 5 already, and with the exception of storms and windy weather last weekend (ie Open Day!) the weather has been very kind to us all through the season. We have had hot temperatures, lots of clear blue skies with little in the way of breeze. Too hot for some but we have adapted our work to take this into account by having longer breaks some days and making sure everyone takes on plenty of water, wears a hat, applies sunscreen, and doesn’t over-exert themselves. Some have chosen not to spend all day on trench and have helped elsewhere in finds or enviro. This week started last Sunday, with our annual Open Day. The weather wasn’t kind to us, but then again we may have had m

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